Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

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World Sickle Cell Day

As of July 2011 a World Sickle Cell Day (WSCD) website was created and all information we posted here was transferred to:

This World Sickle Cell Day website will ONLY be used to post Global WSCD activitie and other related subjects.

By year, you will be able to view pictures of activities/events and read the announcement or reviews about the events.  We will also have an organization page for names and website addresses of those who held the World Sickle Cell Day activity/events.

Please send your information for posting to Nita Thompson,  Thank you.

Juneteenth/World Sickle Cell Day Partnership



MAY 27, 2015


REV .RON MYERS, SR .M.D. 662.392.2016 


During our joyous 150th year Juneteenth, African American Independence Day Celebrations, we want to remind everyone that there is an existing and ongoing partnership to increase our commitment to quality heath care and the elimination of health disparities.  We take this occasion to bring attention that June 19th is also World Sickle Cell Day, declared by UN Resolution.  Our  focus is on Sickle Cell Anemia as well as the importance of Bone Marrow Donation and Cord Blood Collection throughout the African Diaspora and the world!

We will continue to grow and distribute education and awareness materials about the importance of African Americans, as well as other ethnic groups to donate cord blood and become bone marrow/stem cell donors at our Juneteenth Celebrations.  For more information contact:  National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) Founder and Chairman, Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr. MD, visit the website:  Or African American Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Registry for SCD Awareness Chair, Nita Thompson visit the website: 

Other partners: National Medical Association (NMA);  Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. (SCDAA); Parent's Guide To Cord Blood  Foundation and Save the Cord Foundation.

World Sickle Cell Day Globally


A United Nations resolution made June 19 World Sickle Cell Day, to promote awareness because “Sickle Cell is a Global Health Problem!”


We invite you to our World Sickle Cell Day (WSCD) Cell-a-brations that take place globally! 


All Persons Diagnosed, Families and Supporters.


All SoCal Sickle Cell Originations:  We request that at least two members from each organization be present to speak directly about your organization, what you do, etc. and to assist us put this event on.  SoCal has the oldest Sickle Cell Origination in the Nation, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California (SCDFC).  All SC organizations are struggling to stay afloat and many in other states have closed.  Sickle Cell disease is the most under served disease and its organizations are the most under supported!


Churches and Groups:  We request one representative from your Administration, Health Ministry or Committee attend as well as a commitment from at least two of your members one to donate blood and one to register as a marrow donor.


Medical/ER Facilities:  We request one Administrator, Head/ER Dr and Nurse.  We need to dispel the opinions & rumors, replacing with the facts in order for medical staff members to provide accurate life saving services.


Educators:  We request that at least one Special Education employee from each SoCal school district attend, so you can take back what you learn to share with your fellow educators.  Educating some children diagnosed with Sickle Cell gets misunderstood and leads to many school challenges.


Local and National Officials and Representatives:  We request you or a staff member(s) to be present.  We need or leaders to know about the state of Sickle Cell for assistance and to advocate for our SC Community.


Media:  We request that your news department team member(s) be present.  We need you to coverage this event and help get the word out about the state of Sickle Cell.

The public at large: We request that you join us to learn the truth about sickle cell, blood and marrow/stem cell and cord blood donations.  We need you to help persons diagnosed with SC to live!


Community members need everyone who can to donate your life saving blood and register your marrow to cure someone within your same race who is diagnosed with Sickle Cell, etc.


The ignorance of Sickle Cell has lead to the ignoring of Sickle Cell.  This must change.  Become a part of the knowing and save a life. 


We look forward to your presence and participation in World Sickle Cell Day.


Kind regards,


Nita Thompson, Chair

African American Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Registry for Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

P O Box 1275

Inglewood CA 90308-1275

(323) 750-1087  ·