Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle!

        See Sickle Cell ~ Say Sickle Cell!  A Campaign/Movement

The time of Sickle Cell being "Out of sight, out of mind" is NO more!!!

From now on it's:
See Sickle Cell ~ Say Sickle Cell!

For Conversations * For Education * For Support!

We exclusively hand make traditional basic (crescent moon shape) and *non-traditional (deformed shaped) sickle cells using some recycled, reused and or new materials.

Each Sickle Cell is uniquely different just like the real ones, those persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell, and all community members' experience!

Just in time, we have made a Sickle Cell item that can be used as a Christmas Tree Ornament, but designed to hang up all year long!  After you put the tree away, hang your Sickle Cell on your wall or ceiling, in a window, attached to a file cabinet, frame it, etc.! 


One person uses it as a book marker, and another person is adding it to his sister's picture!

We are working on a full line of Awareness/Education items to keep up the conversation.  Presently we’re working on creative ideas, and stocking up to meet the future demands of the requested earrings.


-Limited and Unlimited
Studs and Pierced Dangling (like Nita's)
-Special Orders (Gold, Silver, etc.)

-Single (Traditional or Non-Traditional

-Double (1 Regular or Thalassemia Cell and 1 Sickle Cell Traditional or Non-Traditional)

Clothing Jewelry

-Lapel Pins


Teaching Tools for Education or Presentations:

- Visuals Blood Cells

-World Sickle Cell Day (WSCD)

-Key Ring
-Greeting Cards (Personalized wording for any situation concerning Sickle Cell)
-Sickle Cell Patches

-Antenna Toppers

-Bumper Stickers

-Door Magnets-SC Quilt Project "Love Quilts" (Still obtaining blocks)

*non-traditional looking sickle cells educate people on the fact that not all Sickle Cells look like a crescent moon.  Fact: A normal red blood cell becomes a sickle shaped cell after the oxygen is released.  The red blood cell deflates, becomes deformed looking, hard, has pointed edges and is sticky!

Since we offer the shapes of  Nita's teaching tools, there are several to select from, so we make them by special order at NO additional donation suggestion.  If you would like to see each of the shapes, soon they all will be posted in the Photo Gallery.

You can request a single (crescent moon shape), non-traditional (deformed shaped) sickle cell item, several of each or the complete 8 piece set.










We are requesting a minimum $4.00 US donation per item, and a minimum $30.00 US donation for complete 8 piece set (plus postage).  Please mail your request and donations to P. O. Box 1275, Inglewood CA 90308-1275.  Make your money order, bank check or business check payable to: Nita Thompson and put in memo area (donation for Sickle Cell Items).  Include a note indicating what item (s) you want to receive through regular US mail.  To contact us about this Campaign/Movement, please email us at:  Thank you!



Thank you so very much for your donation to our See Sickle Cell ~ Say Sickle Cell Campaign/Movement.  Your support is appreciated, invaluable and will go towards our efforts to continue support our Sickle Cell Community Members. 


Some of our activities include: transportation to and from the hospital, advocating for and staying with them during their ER visit and/or hospitalization, and purchasing items for them during their stay.   Adding we advocate, assist, and educate our members nationally and globally, we refer members to Sickle Cell Specialists.


We participate in Health Fairs, Blood and Marrow Drives, support groups, and various Sickle Cell Education and Awareness events, such as our annual World Sickle Cell Day Cell-a-bration. This event is designed to bring awareness to the plight of Sickle Cell Disease on a national and international level.


We do as much as we can to bring Sickle Cell Awareness to the community, public at large and society in general, in order to help members of the Sickle Cell Community.


Finally, donations also assist us to replenish materials used to make items. 


Again, thank you so very much for your support!



Best regards,


Nita Thompson, Campaign/Movement Creator