Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle!

 Welcome and thank you for coming!        


           Here you will learn and leave understanding            "the real" about Sickle Cell ~ Anemia/Disease and Trait.

First, Sickle Cell is in every race!

The one thing that you must always remember is:


The person diagnosed . . .

each family member . . . .

and every supporter . . . . .

has to deal with a full range of medical challenges, feelings & experiences from:






Please keep this in mind because for us, more than others, we truly live one day at a time.

Unfortunately "most people" just don’t understand!

Out of site / out of ear shot/ out of mind

Sickle Cell is NOT cured, but there is a curative!

The only *curative for sickle cell is

Bone Marrow / Stem Cells from donors ages 18-44 (make up 90% of found matches) and 45-60 (make up 10% of matched donors and must register online at or / Umbibical Cord blood. 

Read full story on About Marrow/Statistics Page!!!

If everyone who could, would register their marrow

       then donate if they are found to be a match     

            and new parents donate the umbilical cord stem cells

persons diagnoses with Sickle Cell would be cured!

(Marrow is not a cure for AIDS, Adult Stem Cell and umbibical cord stem cells can cure other diseases too!)

*Curative means that ther is no universal cure like taking a pill, shot, or something else that can be given to people massively to stop an illness or disease.

A massave cure for Sickle Cell depends on people registering and donating their marrow or the donation of umbilical cord stem cells . . . until we as the human race get it, a cure is out of the picture, but a Curative still here!!!  We are here to help the human race get it, espically since only about 30% of family members matches another family member as a bone marrow donor!  ~~ We are all in this together~~

There is so much to learn!   Take your time.  We'll be here.

This website was created the last week of May 2009 because it was asked by someone, "Give me your website!"

We will be as helpful as possible with information because there is much to learn.  There are test and game links you can go to as well as right click on forms and flyers to copy then paste and print.

We are keeping it real and presenting the facts . . . . all of the facts.  We will post links that you can refer to, so our credibility can be verified!  This is too serious a subject not to be believed.

Please pass on the information by using it for your class assignments, and at the same time you will help us to educate the public at large regarding "THE REAL" about Sickle Cell Anemia/Disease and Trait.

Please visit often!  We do our best to keep our website updated. 

Thank you for caring and sharing!!

Last Update:  10-6-22

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